Friday, October 5, 2018

Featured Photo: Jivana Heyman and the Skeleton

by Patrice Priya Wagner

Let’s play a game today! Here is a photo that Jivana Heyman shared on Facebook. Below are some of the possible captions we enjoyed. How would you caption this photo? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

“Me and future me.” (Jivana Heyman)

“When restorative yoga goes wrong…because it’s waaay too relaxing.” (Helen Purdy)

“Your back and alignment look much better than his! He is a bit floppy!” (Sumi Komo)

“Advanced yoga…” (Durgha Hanlon)

“Impermanence.” (Amber Coss Gelwicks)

This post was created by Patrice Priya Wagner, co-editor of the Accessible Yoga Blog and a member of Accessible Yoga’s Board of Directors.

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