Friday, October 12, 2018

Featured Video: Maria Kirsten's Chair Alternatives for Kneeling Poses

Maria Kirsten is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and occupational therapist. She specializes in making yoga accessible for students of all ages and levels of experience and ability. She uses her understanding of anatomy and functional movement to empower and educate students to modify and individualize their yoga. Maria’s special interests are in yoga for older grownups, yoga to support mental health, and yoga therapeutics. Maria’s teaching style is unconventional, practical, and fun, with lots of “real life” application and a big-picture approach to yoga practice. Maria thinks that being a yoga teacher is the best job in the world, and she loves to share all her experience and learning to empower others to teach yoga in a safe, accessible, empowering way. For more information, see

This post was edited by Nina Zolotow, co-editor of the Accessible Yoga blog and Editor in Chief of Yoga for Healthy Aging.

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