Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Vision and Passion: Yoga for EveryBODY!

by Catherine Kalyani Sjolund

Yoga should be for everybody; not just the physically fit. It can be for all people; even people with back problems, shoulder weaknesses, balancing trouble, disabilities or whatever physical weakness a person has encountered in life.

Earlier this year, I attended an enlightened, amazing conference; created by Jivana Heyman, co-owner of the Santa Barbara Yoga Center. The Accessible Yoga Conference, which had numerous guest speakers from across the United States, shared how to give access to yoga for all people; to improve their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. They also provided workshops so participants gained skills to work with a variety of demographics including; yoga for Arthritis, lower back pains, MS, Yoga for the Special Child, and Accessible Yoga.

What I love about Accessible Yoga is it’s for all beginning levels. So if you need to do yoga in a chair or can’t get on the floor, you can still participate in a group yoga class. Say you want to do yoga standing but have poor balance and need a little extra assistance, try it using the wall. The beauty of this class is it builds community & self-confidence. The teacher skillfully sets everyone up for success as the class gets to center themselves through breathing techniques, and improves strength, flexibility and concentration as well as strengthening bone density.

I recently received an Accessible Yoga Certification so that I can provide these important and inclusive classes to our community! I have also learned from my students, by observing them using tools; blocks, straps, and the wall to help them be successful in our Hot Jval Yoga class. But I needed to do more for our “Beginning Level” class to provide directed instruction on how to use these accommodations. I have broken down our Jval Yoga Class into two parts to have time to demonstrate various ways to access each major pose of the series into parts that are doable using the right tools for the poses. Jval Basics #1, Jval Basics #2 are now being offered to our community.

You are welcome to experience Warm beginning leveled classes to give you the knowledge of alignment and the confidence to successfully complete these classes. Stay in these or move on to a Hot Jval Yoga 1.5 class. Hot Yoga Haven is located at 25044 Peachland Ave. #106, Newhall, CA and in Valencia. Visit our website at (661) 255-1500 or contact Catherine at:

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