Thursday, February 7, 2019

Featured Video: Modifications for Knees to Chest Pose

Knees-to-chest yoga pose options for plus size bodies was originally posted on Body Positive Yoga.

We love this video because yoga teacher Amber Karnes offers several different options for making Knees to Chest pose accessible to those with larger bodies. According to Amber, this pose is a wonderful reset for the spine, which is often done as a counter-pose to backbends and forward bends. It creates space in the lower spine where many of us carry tension. Amber says, "I also like to think of it as giving yourself a hug and taking a moment to reflect on the fact that you’re caring for yourself and your body in a world that constantly tells you you’re not good enough. (Note: you’re totally good enough, just as you are.)"

I think these modifications may also be helpful for anyone who finds that doing the classic pose causes pain in the hips. See Knees to Chest Yoga Pose for written instructions on how to practice these variations. —Nina

Amber Karnes is the founder of Body Positive Yoga and the creator of the Body Positive Clubhouse. She works with humans who want to make peace with their bodies and build unshakable confidence. For her, yoga has been an integral part of a decade-long journey toward self-acceptance and body positivity—a journey of making peace with my body and helping others to do the same. See for more information.

This post was edited by Nina Zolotow, co-editor of the Accessible Yoga blog and Editor in Chief of Yoga for Healthy Aging.

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