Thursday, July 4, 2019

Featured Video: Donna Noble's Well-Rounded Mini Practice for All Body Types

We are excited to share this video with you today because we know how much our community enjoys accessible mini yoga practices that you can practice on your own or teach to others. This 13-minute practice combines reclined, seated, and standing poses in a well-rounded sequence. Donna designed it to be accessible to people with a range of body types. —Nina

Donna Noble is the Founder of CurveSomeYoga, which is about helping to make yoga more inclusive and accessible. Her passion is sharing the transformational benefits of yoga and showing that everyBODY is a yoga body. She is a Body Image Ambassador and is about all things body positive. You can find out more about Donna at

This post was edited by Nina Zolotow, co-editor of the Accessible Yoga blog and Editor in Chief of Yoga for Healthy Aging.

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