Monday, April 6, 2020

Home Practice Club

Photo by Sarit Z Rogers
by Nina Zolotow

If you're someone who has always wanted to start a home yoga practice, now, when so many yoga studios are closed, might be a good time for you to give it a shot. As someone who has been practicing on my own at home since the 90s, I can assure you that a home practice provides benefits you just can't get from taking classes, whether online or in person. For one thing, you get to practice whatever feels right to you on a given day, and you can customize your practice to suit your physical condition, emotional state, energy levels, and so on. So I do hope that if you're stuck at home, as I am, you'll use this opportunity to try doing a little bit of yoga on your own. My suggestion is that you start small and choose something you enjoy. Even doing one pose a day can start a new habit for you, and you may find your practice evolves naturally from that simple beginning. I know this because that's exactly how I got started.

To support you, I decided to create a Home Practice Club. I have some big ideas for what this might become in the long run, but in the same way I suggested you start small with your home yoga practice, I myself decided to start small with this club. So what I did first was collected links to all the posts we have on our blog that have sequences to practice, single poses to practice, or general information about home yoga practice all into one single Home Practice Club page. I hope you'll check it out! You can always find it because it's one of the tabs at the top of the blog. 

If you're a yoga teacher and want to contribute a video or a written post about a pose or a sequence or want to write a post about home yoga practice, please contact me at nina at wanderingmind dot com. And if you have any questions about home practice that you'd like me to answer for you, send them to the same address.

This post was written by Nina Zolotow, Editor in Chief of the Accessible Yoga blog and co-author of Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being.

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