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This page is your guide to our featured sequences and poses, along with meditations and breath practices, which you can use for ideas of what to practice at home. I'm calling it the Home Practice Club because I hope this "club" will turn into something with even more features and also that many different teachers will contribute their videos to our blog in the future. For now, though, here is what we have on the blog so far. Section 1 lists the sequences we have and Section 2 lists the individual pose videos or photos separately. Just click on the link to go to the page where the video or photograph with instructions are. Section 3 lists articles about meditation and breath practices, including suggestions for simple practices you can do on your own. Section 4 lists our articles about home practice in general. For information on staying safe, please read 9 Tips for Staying Safe in Yoga Classes . The advice is pertinent for practicing at home as well as in classes.—Nina


Movement-Centered Chair Yoga Practice by Carey Sims

Chair Yoga Sequence by Amber Karnes

Sun Salutations and Other Vinyasas with a Chair by Amber Karnes

Chair Mini Sun Salutation by Carey Sims

Sequence for People with Mobility Issues by Zelinda Yañez

Well-Rounded Mini Practice for All Body Types by Donna Noble

Exercises for Arthritic Hands by Krista Fairbrother

Reclined Moon Salutations by Hilary Nihlen

Self Massage by Jivana Heyman

Bed-Bound Yoga by Cherie Hotchkiss

Chair Yoga Sequence for Improving Balance by Carey Sims

Wall Sun Salutation by Reika Shucart

Chair Alternatives for Kneeling Poses by Maria Kirsten

Accessible Balance Sequence by Ann Swanson

Bed Sun Salutation by Remi

Wall Sun Salutation by Arturo Peal


8 Ways to Practice Savasana (Relaxation Pose) by Nina Zolotow

Chair Half Moon Pose by Janis Ware

Dancer's Pose with Chair by Janis Ware

Standing Hand to Toe Pose with Wall by Hilary Nihlen

Chair Reverse Warrior Pose by Jenni Salomon

Chair Boat Pose by Karen Barker

Pigeon Pose Variations by Amber Karnes

Knees to Chest Pose Variations by Amber Karnes

Extended Child's Pose with Chair by Gabriela Bon

Chair Triangle Pose by Marie Aroch

Chair Pigeon Pose by Maria Kirsten

Wall Locust Pose by Sarit Rogers

Chair Marichyasana 3 by Baxter Bell


Gratitude During Uncertain Times: SIx Offerings by Kathleen Kraft

Loving-Kindness Hand Washing by Nina Zolotow


Eight Practical Tips to Make Yoga Practice Really Happen by Barrie Risman

How Can Yoga Help You Today? by Nina Zolotow

Making Your Own Yoga Props by Nina Zolotow

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