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This blog was designed to be a place where we can share information and hear from the many members of the Accessible Yoga community. So, are you interested in contributing to our blog by writing a post yourself, being interviewed by us, or sending us a video or photograph? We’d be ever so grateful for your contribution! 

However, before you apply to write a post, be interviewed, or send us a video or photograph, we have some things we want you to know. Depending on the type of post you want to contribute, we have certain qualifications you need to meet. So check below to see if you have the necessary qualifications. Then, if you do, we want you to send us a short bio of yourself, including your yoga training, teaching experience (if applicable), and any other qualifications along with a brief pitch explaining the kind of thing you want to do or say. Send it all in an email to Priya at Looking forward to hearing from you!

To Write a Post: We’re looking for four types of posts, each with different qualifications. 

1. Personal Story of How Accessible Yoga Helped You. Anyone can write the story of how studying with a teacher who made yoga accessible to you has helped you. Or, you can write about how a single practice, pose, breath practice, meditation practice, or yoga philosophical concept has helped you, with the whole post being about how and why you practice that.

2. Personal Story of How You Teach Accessible Yoga.
Experienced yoga teachers (2 or more years of experience) can write the story of how you are making yoga accessible to a certain population (or populations). You can also focus in on a single practice, pose, breath practice, meditation practice, or yoga philosophical concept that has helped your students and have the whole post be about how and why you teach that.

3. Personal Story of How You Teach Yoga Therapy. Qualified yoga therapists can write the personal story of how you provide yoga tools to help a person or people with a particular condition or conditions heal themselves. These writers will need to keep in mind that even with yoga therapy there are many styles and approaches for the same medical conditions, so you should just share the approach you use and not make hard and fast recommendations or medical claims.

4. A First-Person Opinion Piece. People with expertise and/or a passion for a certain issue can write an opinion piece advocating for social and political change they feel is needed to support the goals of Accessible Yoga. Although there are no specific requirements for who can write these, we do want these articles to be written by people who have some kind of expertise on and knowledge about the topic about which they are writing. 

To Be Interviewed: You must have at least two years of expertise in teaching some form of accessible yoga to students or one year of practicing Accessible Yoga yourself. You will be interviewed in writing, so you must either type the replies to questions yourself or have someone help you do that. Because we want fresh content, be sure to review the interviews we have already done so you don’t offer a topic we’ve already covered. 

To Contribute a Video or Photograph: All videos must be of reasonably high quality, in focus with good lighting and sound. The video can be either a demonstration of Accessible Yoga or a short interview with a special practitioner of Accessible Yoga. Demonstrations of Accessible Yoga can be a single pose, vinyasa, or sequence of poses. If you are just demonstrating what you yourself practice, there are no special qualifications, as long as you make it clear this is your personal practice. If you’re instructing others in the videos or recommending a sequence for others, you need to have at least two years of teaching experience. A photograph should be a very special, high-resolution photograph of someone practicing Accessible Yoga. 

Thank you so much.

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