About Accessible Yoga

Accessible Yoga is an international grassroots organization dedicated to sharing the teachings of Yoga with everyone—including people with disabilities, chronic illness, seniors, those who have been underserved, do not have access, and anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in a regular Yoga class. We endeavor to create a strong network around the globe advocating for a diverse Yoga culture that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

Accessible Yoga is a 501(c)3 non-profit run by five part-time staff members, who are supported by the volunteer efforts of an active membership program (called Ambassadors). Our programs include conferences, trainings, a world-wide online directory, and a resource blog.

The dedicated Accessible Yoga Ambassadors make it possible to offer our programs. They are our foundation and bear witness to the huge need for more accessibility and availability of Yoga. We are connected through 20 Facebook groups in 9 languages.

The Accessible Yoga Conferences provide a forum where the Yoga community can come together to connect, share, and support those who wish to expand access to the Yoga teachings. Upcoming conferences include: Europe (Rheinsburg, Germany- near Berlin) – October 19-21, 2018.

The Accessible Yoga Trainings are held throughout the world, and focus on training Yoga teachers to make their classes more accessible and inclusive.

Accessible Yoga Network is a professional directory of teachers and organizations that support the concept of Yoga for all. Wherever you go in the world, we try to connect you with like- minded local instructors.

You can read articles on our Accessible Yoga Blog about topics helpful to both Yoga teachers and students alike. The resources available from these writings constantly grow as new voices join in the conversation.

Please visit our website accessibleyoga.org for more information.

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